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What paper sizes can I have?

Size can define the success of your Art Book.
How well does it fit in a bag, pocket or hand? Can it be spotted on the shelf amidst its peer group?
Will your readers knock out the person sat next to them on the tube when they turn the pages?


Take a look at the sections below, pick the number of copies you are thinking of ordering and our tips will guide you through what is achievable and most friendly on your budget.

I would like to order 30 copies or under


Standard art book sizes are ALOT cheaper if you are ordering upto 30 copies. If you are on a budget then sticking to A5, A4 or 210x210mm will help your wallet.


• A5 Portrait is the same price as A5 Landscape.


• A5 Books are actually cheaper than A6 Books for under 30 copies.


A4 Landscape and A3 Landscape requires a larger press and even for a few copies the cost will be in the hundreds. As a much cheaper alternative go for A4 Portrait or A5 Landscape.


• A3 Portrait is very expensive for these small runs (the cost would be £400+).




I would like to order 30 to 500 copies


The unit prices now become more level across the board with bespoke sizes a similar price to standard sizes.


How will increasing the size effect my price?


• A6 is one price bracket.


• Larger than A6 but up to and including A5 is another price bracket. (ie: you are thinking of going for a bespoke size larger than A6 but not quite A5 size - any size between A6 and A5 will be the same price).


• Likewise larger than A5 but up to and including A4 is the same price.




• A5 Portrait is the same price as A5 Landscape since we can get the same number of pages on a sheet.


• A4 and A3 Landscape Booklets require a larger press but for 30 to 500 copies the unit price isn't such a strain on your bottom line.


• A3 Portait Booklets have to be litho printed and are only possible on quantities of 250 upwards.




I am ordering more than 600 copies


Congratulations, your Art Book has  reached a larger market and our litho presses will be used for this longer run. The higher set up costs of litho printing are not as noticeable with your longer print run. This inturn brings your unit price right down to a more commercially viable level.


• A6, A5 and A4 sizes are still a good fit for our presses but
if you are looking for a size between A5 and A4 then we recommend 240x168mm.


• Depending on the number of pages and quantity you can expect your unit price to fall to between 50p and a few pounds. The more you order, the cheaper your unit price
will be.

Standard Book Sizes

A6 is 148x105mm

A5 is 210x148mm

A4 is 297x210mm


If you are looking for the most cost effective size between A5 and A4 
we recommend:



The most cost effective square size is:


Email us your spec at artistbookprinting@exwhyzed.co.uk and we will come back to you with a speedy response and a quote.


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